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"Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life."
- J.K. Rowling

Located in beautiful Huntington Beach, California, Pacific Sands Recovery is a community of young men who are creating desirable lives in addition to overcoming their struggles with substance abuse. Getting clean is only the first step in the process of changing an addicted person’s life; but what happens next?

At Pacific Sands Recovery, we provide a healthy and comfortable sober living environment that fosters long term success. During their stay at PSR, young men are able to step into a new realm of independence and maturity. They are empowered to achieve success in ways they never imagined possible.


We believe in building our clients’ self-esteem and confidence as we support them with easing back into school or work environments. A major focus at Pacific Sands Recovery is the implication of life skills. PSR staff supports this by identifying each client’s individual goals and providing guidance in how to obtain them. Our team of dedicated mentors is here to encourage them alongside their journey to success.

Our mission is to help provide continuing structure and support for our clients after graduating from an inpatient facility. A sense of community is crucial to the overall security and growth of the client during this important stage of development.



A key element in moving one’s life in a new direction is the company we keep. Fellowship is one of the cornerstones of our program. Huntington Beach is renowned for it’s community of young people who have migrated to its shores to get and to stay sober. The dynamic is truly unique, and our clients are encouraged to dive right in to the local recovery scene. Many young men who reach the sober living phase of their recovery struggle to enjoy themselves without the use of drugs or alcohol. Pacific Sands provides opportunities to make this possible through provision of group outings, cookouts, volunteer work, and much more.


Why Pacific Sands Recovery

A wealth of services to help residents live a sober life.


Basic transportation is provided to all of our clients at no extra cost.

Onsite Management

Our onsite staff is present to guide our clients in their early stages of recovery. Their dedication to helping these young men is nothing short of extraordinary.


Our staff is present to model healthy living and communication skills within their day-to-day interaction with every client.

High Speed Internet

All of our properties are equipped with high speed wireless internet.

Flatscreen TV's

Bedroom and living rooms are equipped with a 4K TV and cable television.

Life Coaching

This service is available for individuals to jump-start their progression towards a successful and abundant life.

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